Since 2007 in business
Work throughout Russia
Dozens of clients from abroad
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The company’s structure

Insolvency officers
Private security company
Lawyers and legal professionals
External auditors
Licensed court experts

Private arbitration
Alternative dispute resolution
Patent attorney
Expert valuators
Public notary

What you do get

Legal representation in courts, state authorities and third parties
Business deals providing and document support of any kind
Negotiations participating (ADR)
Clients’ legal security auditing (KYC)
Court acts realization
Law expert advice and consultations

Our guarantees

All clients’ risks are fully insured
Fair practice
Personal suretyship of the head of the company
Approved business reputation
Strong effect
Many years of success in our professional sphere
Multilevel staff hr
Membership in variety of professional and business societies

How it is done

Call us
Get FREE consultation
Get strategy of upcoming project
Sign contract with us
Get representation of your interests
Get result

Still hesitating

More than 2500 judicial decisions for our clients’ benefit
More than 100 recommendations of our clients worldwide
Every 5th case is settled during extrajudicial procedure
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How to find us

Onegin-Сonsulting |
knowledge and experience
Law company with approved business reputation
We speak english and russian

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