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ООО "УРСА Евразия"
ЗАО "Алсель"
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For a long time we have been providing legal services in the areas of practical advice including Government Relations thus helping partners across Russia to develop steadily, avoiding misunderstandings.

Accumulated experience, knowledge in specific areas, promptness, and business relationships enable us to prevent and safely resolve various issues. All the lawyers employed in the company have not only proven past experience, but also are highly qualified, which is supported by their relevant quarterly recertification.

We are also aware that our work won’t be judged by the amount of correspondence and the time spent, but by the results that have been achieved. In the end, our main goal is to create a comfortable environment for clients in any situation. Therefore, the discipline of employees and their ability to coordinate their own efforts with regard to specific issues allow us to see the variety of possible solutions and to establish the balance between risks and benefits by selecting from the start the most effective way to overcome the difficulties.

The basis of our continued success is a series of detailed communication processes, including two-way dialogue, creative solutions, coordinated work of professionals, legal assistance and a clear policy of the company, which is expressed in the following competitive advantages:

Our Lawyers’ Obligation

If the company's lawyers take on work, it means that we guarantee its proper maintenance, excluding refunds and delay, while ensuring high quality and modern standards of performance commitments.

Free Legal Advice

"Onegin-Consulting" Ltd. is focused on the client, whose interests are important to us. Free legal advice of our experts will not only help to clearly assess the situation, but also to understand what range of works and services, the timescale and terms can be actually accomplished, and what it is not possible to achieve. Our core principle is straightforwardness and honesty in communication.

Privacy of Legal Assistance

We guarantee the safety of commercial secrets. Effective and long-term cooperation is in our common interest. The efficiency of joint work is proven by the fact that the majority of our clients who have previously used our legal assistance, prefer to use "Onegin Consulting" in the future.

Multi-million Liability Insurance

The amount of annual voluntary insurance of the society is  tens of millions rubles, which is what sets us apart from other competitors in the legal services market, eliminating the risk of our insolvency and bankruptcy. This allows us to deal with complex legal projects without fear of pressure from third parties and authorities.

A High Percentage of out of Court Settlement

During its years of existence, the combined average percentage of cases that were settled out of court in accordance with the internal statistics of the company, has grown from 5% since the end of 2007 to a current level of 22%. This means that about one in four disputes is resolved before the trial. We understand the importance of maintaining the reputation of our clients and their relationships with their counterparties, so we take all reasonable steps to solve the cases entrusted to us, above all, through negotiation.

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Participation in the "Safety and Legal Support of Business Committee" and the "Committee on Intellectual Property" at the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, allows us to maintain the current connection to the business world and contact with the authorities, which gives additional confidence to our partners in co-operation . We also have the opportunity using our membership, to offer our customers good prices on CCI services: insurance, examination, evaluation, audit, etc.

Operating mode of the company: 09.00 - 18.00 (working days), Saturday & Sunday - day off

Office: 196084, St. Petersburg, 28A Koli Tomchaka street, 3 floor

Telephone numbers: +7 (812) 309 16 36 (multichannel phone); +7 (812) 642 33 68 (personal manager)